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This is a post.  Posts are visible to your agents, and can be edited, just like a forum or blog post.  I’ve created this post to help you understand the tools you can use within your posts.  Please do not edit this, so that other brokers can access it.

You have access to all of the usual text editing tools you are used to, using the menu bar above.  If you feel like options are missing, make sure you are in the ‘Visual’ tab, not the ‘Text’ tab (Look at the upper right corner of this box).

You can use the Add Media button above to upload and place new images.  While in the media browser, please be careful not to edit or delete any existing images, unless you know you uploaded them originally.  The images visible there are used throughout the website, and editing them may break the client-facing portion of the website!

You can use the blue buttons above to insert MLS listings.  Keep in mind that these are ‘live,’ so if the listing data or photos change, the embedded data will change too.